Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Chesterfield - 30/12/09 Stagecoach

These pictures were taken between 16:00 and 16:15.

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Bakewell - 30/12/09 (Hulleys & TM Travel)

1, 2 & 4. Hulleys buses have operated in and around Bakewell as long as I can remember. However their buses used to be red before they were taken over by Silver Service from Darley Dale in the 1970s. Silver Service got into difficulties in the early days of deregulation and Hulleys became independant again.

3. TM Travel have recently taken over the former First (and before that SJOC) services to Sheffield and are now about to be acquired by Wellglade. What changes will this bring about?

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Monday, 21 December 2009

Derby and Ripley - 21/12/09 (Arriva, TrentBarton, Doyles)

Today was the shortest day of the winter - so it went dark early. Two pictures of Arriva's modern buses in Derby c 15:30 and the two pictures in Ripley c 16:30 - Doyles Merc on the 16:32 to Belper followed by tb's Solo on the 16:30 to Aldercar.

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Notts & Derby - 21st December 2009

Today I went from Ripley to Derby on the 11:55 9.3 which was running 5 mins late. On arrival I saw several Notts & Derby buses on services 17A, TP, 73 and 17 which leads me to ask the question as to what is the relationship between the 17A which runs to the north of the city and the 17 which run just beyond the boundary to the east.
Finally the TP has come all the way from Buxton. Rather a spartan bus for such a long journey.

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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Doyles Optare Solo with luggage racks

We walked to Amber Ales beer festival at Hammersmith and returned home on Doyles 148. It was a Solo with luggage racks. I remember when nearly all single deck buses had these but they are unusual now.
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Ripley 11th December - TrentBarton and Doyles

1. The first of these two Nines was about 15 mins late (lost in the fog?).
2. The 90 is usually operated by Dennis Darts.
3. Rear advert panel on a Nine.
4. Although YourBus now operates the 140, 141 and 142, Doyles still operate the 143.

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10th December 2009 - TM and Hulleys

I took these three pictures in Chesterfield simply because the sun was shining. At the time I didn't know that TM Travel were likely to be taken over by Wellglade. Many years ago there stories about Hulleys being taken over by Frontrunner but it hasn't happened yet.

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26th November 2009

1 & 2. Modern Arriva buses in Derby. The 61 to Swad is Arriva's longest route from Derby.
3. TrentBarton's H1 loading for Heanor.
4. The Red Arrow in Ripley.

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