Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Derby bus station 5/5/2010

Precision timing - one Red Arrow leaves for Nottingham just as the next arrives.
This Chesterfield bound Red Arrow was not so lucky as a Mickleover bus was blocking its stand so it pulled into the coach park.
The offending Mickleover bus swopping stands.
I think all the customers realised what was happening.
In answer to Peter's query, I don't know what happened to the pictures so have added additional copies.
With regard to NET and NCT, I don't think that they will be affected in the short term. Transdev and Veolia will merge and the new company will have a stake in NCT and NET. However Veolia as a UK bus operator is a complete mystery and 'basket case' to me so we have to hope that Transdev managers are allowed to continue their successful business and are not trashed by Veolia environmental's garbage trucks.


Peter said...

i cannot raise these latest picures of Derby bus station can anyone else. the following blog re Bournemouth is Ok.This news makes for the query where does NCT and NET stand?

Peter said...

Got the pictures now, as regards veolia /transdev and other changes I guess there may be more in the near future now that SNCF and DB are both looking for footholds in the Uk. Interesting times