Friday, 4 June 2010

Ripley & Chesterfield 3/6/2010 - TrentBarton

Yesterday in the space of 5 minutes around 9:30 I saw four TrentBarton journeys operated by the wrong type of bus.

Service 90 is usually operated by Dennis Darts and the 1A is usually an Optare Solo.
The Sixes are usually route branded Scanias and The Red Arrow should be a route branded coach. I wonder if the Excel on RA was deliberate as we had about 10 standing passengers on arrival in Chesterfield.
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Liam said...

The Solo on the 90 isn't exactly an odd sighting, the bus in question is 418, which has recently been repainted red from Radcliffe Lines livery and transferred to Sutton in order to displace Darts

jonathan johansson said...

the reason there is red buses on the sixes and red arrow is that the branded one are off the road for a defect or service and the solo on the 90 is that the darts are been withdrawn slowly they should have all gone two years ago but they have had to stay abit longer there will be no darts left before long as there is repainted solos coming from the radcliff line and two excels as well and the has been a scania on the 1a a lot as the solos based at the mill are to be used on th 23 and 27 first if there is't six avalable for the requirements on all the routes