Sunday, 4 July 2010

A high tech experiment

Today we tested the WiFi on the Red Arrow by trying to watch the Wimbledon final on the bus. It worked!

We caught the 13:40 from Ripley to Chesterfield and saw the start of the game before we lost the signal. We then went to Wetherspoons where there was a better signal and some nice beer that was slightly too cold. There was also a silent big screen TV so we had an analogue picture with slightly delayed sound from the computer.
We then caught the 16:20 back to Ripley. The signal was great near to Chesterfield but broke up on the more rural section to Clay Cross and between Clay Cross and Alfreton by which time the game was over.
To me it is amazing that I can nearly watch real time TV on a cheap 'toy computer' whilst travelling on a bus.
Finally having seen the warning on the BBC website does each Red Arrow need a TV licence?Posted by Picasa

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