Saturday, 14 May 2011

New buses for Spondon Flyer

Four new Optare Versas entered service on the Spondon Flyer today. In the morning they were displayed on Derby Market Place. The guy in the centre is Ray Stenning, editor of Classic Bus, the guy on the left is Alex Hornby, trent barton's Commercial Director but I don't know who the lady is.

During the morning the service was operated by Wright bodied Scanias and ...

...this Optare Excel arrived back at 12:55 to be replaced by new Versa 808 for the 1:00 pm departure.

Kath boarding 808 on its first journey.

Bespoke interior.

This is the 2:00 pm departure by which time all four Versas were in service.
More pictures on Flickr.


ajf36y said...

the lady is sarah taylor marketing manger for trent

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very good job done guys..........

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