Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ilkeston 9/1/10 - TrentBarton, Notts & Derby

This and the next post show the variety of Wellglade group buses in Ilkeston. They were taken within 30 minutes before hands froze and I had to go into the Co-op to warm up.

1. An Optare Tempo on the convoluted service from Mansfield to Derby via Sutton, Eastwood, Heanor and Ilkeston.
2. A 2009 Wright bodied Volvo on the former Barton route 15 from Ilkeston to Sawley. These buses have recently replaced Solos - hence 'now with added space'.
3. The Ilkeston Flyer limited stop service to Derby.
4. I think these buses (step entrance Northern Counties bodied Volvos) will last forever although some were advertised fo sale when they were quite new.

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