Sunday, 31 January 2010

London 30/1/2010 - Hybrid bus and a Routemaster

East Midlands Trains had a special offer yesterday so we went to London. I wanted to see the hybrid buses on route 360 from Elephant & castle to the Albert Hall. However most of the buses on the 360 were Dennis Darts and I only saw 2 hybrids.

Loading at Vauxhall bus station and interior view from the rather cramped and noisy back seat.

Arriving at the Albert Hall and lay over at the rear of the Albert Hall.
These hybrid buses have an electric drive system and a diesel generator and also regenerative braking. When the generator was not running it was similar to a modern trolleybus but on my journey, mostly in traffic on level ground, the generator at the back was running most of the time. The bus accelerated well and the braking was smooth.
I took the picture of the Routemaster because RMs replaced most of the London trolleybuses. Will hybrids replace conventional diesels? Posted by Picasa

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