Thursday, 25 February 2010

Nottingham 25/2/2010 - Dunn Motor Traction

Dunn Motor Traction started a competing service with NCT's 36 to Chilwell via QMC and Beeston. It uses the same stops and operates every 20 mins at 15, 35 and 55 from Milton St.

The buses used are Wright bodied low floor Scanias with Irish registrations to disguise their age which is said to be about 15 years. The orange fronts are almost exactly the same shade as used by NCT. The single leaf door is unusual.
The single fare of £1.20 undercut's NCT's £1.50 and the special £1.00 fare for students and nurses reminds you that the 36 passes both a major hospital and a university.
The buses and the PIDs at key stops display service number Y36 but the printed timetables use 36. The interiors are bright with retrimmed seats and route branding but they are competing with much newer buses.Posted by Picasa

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York Bus Driver said...

The Irish registrations are not to hide their age, as these are the registrations they have carried since delivery to London Buses (Leaside) for route 144 between Muswell Hill & Turnpike Lane in 1994