Friday, 5 February 2010

TM Travel journey - 4/2/2010

Yesterday I rode from Chesterfield to Sheffield on service 293 and then from Sheffield to Eckington on service 252.
The 10:49 293 left Chesterfield 7 minutes late with the driver appologising that he had never driven on this route before. He relied on passengers to point out the stops and to tell him the route until we reached Millhouses. To add to the delays the bus failed at a stop in Bradway. The driver could not engage the gears. He tried the obvious things and then rang the depot. They advised him to turn off the engine, check that the engine compartment and all doors were closed and try again after a few minutes. This he did and off we went arriving in Sheffield at 12:28 - 23 mins late.

The 13:14 from Sheffield to Eckington was on time throughout and I was pleased to rideon a familiar Dennis Dart. My only comment is that the interior is rather bleak without any posters.
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