Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Crich 16/3/2010 - YourCity

Crich is a Derbyshire village which seems have delusions of grandeur. In heyday of CB radio it was called Tram Town and now it has a city bus service.
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Peter said...

Your City appears to be the branding originally used on the Y36 service to Chilwell, These had orange fromnts as do NCT buses operating west out of Notingham.
The orange fromts have now gone and I have noted buses on this route branded for the Bulwell services. It seems that Your Bus are not able to keep branding on the routes for which they are intended, I noteda BlackDiamond (part o f the Rotala Group bus on Y36 the otherd ay and I have had reports of a Red Diamond.The Dunn family have connections with the Rotala Group but it was understood that the Your Bus services were independent.