Sunday, 28 March 2010


I have just spent a few days in Poland.
This yellow Hungarian built Ikarus must be about 20 years old as production ceased in 1991.
The following three pictures are of modern Polish built buses in Krakow.
Thanks for your comments Peter. I have added this picture of an Ikarus in Katowice bus station which claims to have Voith automatic transmission. When built most of this type of bus had heavy looking manual transmission.
Ikarus bus manufacturing and Tatra trams didn't survive the shock of the loss of their markets in the former Soviet Union and both no longer manufacture vehicles.
I have just looked up Jelcz and they went out of production in 2008 with the last bus being supplied to MPK Krakow.
Solaris started as Neoplan Polska in 1994 and produced its own first design in 1999. Solaris have been successful and sold motor buses to Berlin and trolleybuses to Rome. I have ridden on a tri-axle bus in Riga and a trolleybus in Rome and was impressed by both of them. It is a pity they are not imported into the UK.Posted by Picasa

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Peter said...

It is about 3 years since I was last in Poland and even then there were very few of the Ikarus buses left although there were plenty of the older Polish built buses and in Gdansk quite a few MAN which I gathered had been aquired secomd hand from other countries and in Krakow many Polish built Scania omnicities as we see in Nottingham and Derby (albeit with the driver sitting ion the other side)
Polish built buses arfe now increasingly seen in other countries -even in Berlin . Is Ikarus still building buses? I have not seen any evidence of such recently.