Thursday, 25 February 2010

Nottingham 25/2/2010 - Dunn Motor Traction

Dunn Motor Traction started a competing service with NCT's 36 to Chilwell via QMC and Beeston. It uses the same stops and operates every 20 mins at 15, 35 and 55 from Milton St.

The buses used are Wright bodied low floor Scanias with Irish registrations to disguise their age which is said to be about 15 years. The orange fronts are almost exactly the same shade as used by NCT. The single leaf door is unusual.
The single fare of £1.20 undercut's NCT's £1.50 and the special £1.00 fare for students and nurses reminds you that the 36 passes both a major hospital and a university.
The buses and the PIDs at key stops display service number Y36 but the printed timetables use 36. The interiors are bright with retrimmed seats and route branding but they are competing with much newer buses.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Alfreton 23/2/2010 - Doyles, YourBus and TrentBarton, Stagecoach, TM Travel

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Blackwood 20/2/2010 - Rail Linc, Super Shuttle, Islwyn, Stagecoach

A selection of buses leaving Blackwood bus station.
There are a number of Rail Linc services in South Wales for the exclusive use of rail passengers. This one is operated by Clarkes Coaches.
Harris Coaches operate a number of local services in competition with Islwyn Borough Transport.
IBT were taken over by Stagecoach on 12/1/2010.
Service 151 to Newport operates every 10 minutes.Posted by Picasa

Blackwood 20/2/2010 - Islwyn Bourough Transport

Stagecoach recently acquired IBT which was the last of the small council owned bus fleets in the Valleys.

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Aberdare 20/2/2010 - Stagecoach

Aberdare UDC, later Cynon Valley, buses were acquired by Stagecoach who now operate a network of local services with Optare Solos.

I think this poster is rather frightening.Posted by Picasa

Monday, 22 February 2010

Aberdare 20/2/2010 - Veolia, Glamorgan Bus and a mystery

This Merc had both Veolia and Dunn Line as the legal owners.

I know nothing about Glamorgan Buses.
A mystery bus with no legal owner's name, fleetname or destination.
Rather shabby for an 07 registered bus.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Swansea 19/2/2010

Swansea and Derby have something in common - both have bus stations closed for reconstruction with buses loading in the streets.

Most bus services are operated by First but there are few Veolia contracts.

Finally service 36 was mostly operated by First buses branded for services 82/82A.Posted by Picasa

Swansea 19/2/2010 - ftr?

During one day I saw two conventional buses operating ftr journeys.

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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Swansea 19/2/2010 - ftr

Service 4 between Morriston Hospital in the north and Swansea University in the south is operated by articulated ftr buses and known as 'Metro'. In the evenings and on Sundays conventional buses are used.
The Metro stops (stations) all have high kerbs which are good for passengers and a hazard for parked cars. However the buses don't always bother drawing forward to the stops.

The two-way bus lane through the city centre is shared with conventional buses, taxis, hire cars and white vans. The interior layout is different, both doors are used for boarding and alighting and the conductors were unfailingly polite and helpful. We were surprised by the lack of real time information both at the stops and on board the buses.
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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Walsall 16/2/2010 - West Midlands part of National Express

Two examples of the current National Express livery.

I have never seen a bus going to 'NOW AVAILABLE' before. Where is it?
A feature of Midland Red single deckers fifty years ago was a 'have you forgotton anything' notice near to the door.
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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Walsall 16/2/2010 - Rotala, Liyell, Thandi

Black Diamond and Central Connect are both part of the Rotala group which claims to be the second largest bus operator in the West Midlands.
'Midland' is a trading name used D&G subsidiary Liyell Ltd formerly known as Choice Travel.
I'm not sure of the relationship, if any, between Thandi Executive and Thandi Coaches that used to call in Derby enroute from Southall to Bradford.
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