Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Derby bus station 29/3/2010 (2)

These pictures show that there are a lot of buses moving around with conflicting paths. On the whole the bus station was working well but queues of buses do build up particularly on the hour. Another problem is late-running buses blocking stands causing the next bus to be delayed whilst it circles round. I saw one instance of two buses on the same stand (bottom picture).

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Monday, 29 March 2010

Derby bus station 29/03/2010 (1)

These pictures were taken on the first weekday afternoon. One or more white vans were parked in Bay 1 most of the time. I only saw two cars wander into the bus station - one by mistake but another deliberately.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Derby bus station open

The formal opening ceremony was on Saturday 27th March and the long awaited new bus station came into use at 7:30 on Sunday 28th March. The first departure was reported to be a KinchBus Skylink. I arrived at 13:15 on the Red Arrow and took these pictures.

I am updating this sitting in a Red Arrow in the new bus station. I forgot to bring the camera lead so I will add some more pictures this evening.
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I have just spent a few days in Poland.
This yellow Hungarian built Ikarus must be about 20 years old as production ceased in 1991.
The following three pictures are of modern Polish built buses in Krakow.
Thanks for your comments Peter. I have added this picture of an Ikarus in Katowice bus station which claims to have Voith automatic transmission. When built most of this type of bus had heavy looking manual transmission.
Ikarus bus manufacturing and Tatra trams didn't survive the shock of the loss of their markets in the former Soviet Union and both no longer manufacture vehicles.
I have just looked up Jelcz and they went out of production in 2008 with the last bus being supplied to MPK Krakow.
Solaris started as Neoplan Polska in 1994 and produced its own first design in 1999. Solaris have been successful and sold motor buses to Berlin and trolleybuses to Rome. I have ridden on a tri-axle bus in Riga and a trolleybus in Rome and was impressed by both of them. It is a pity they are not imported into the UK.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Long Eaton 17/3/2010 - Littles on hire to Gills

I learned a bit more about Gills today. They have three buses but two are going for MOTs tomorrow so they have hired this Optare Metrorider from  Littles. The service operates every 30 minutes between Sandiacre and Long Eaton. The young lady driving stopped all stops where people were waiting with a friendly 'Hello Duck'. If you click on the top picture to enlarge it, you can see a simple duplicate book instead of a complicated ticket machine.

The bus it self is ex TrentBarton NCT (thanks Peter).Posted by Picasa

Sandiacre 17/3/2010 - TrentBarton

Erewash Council's own van blocking access to a magnificent brick built bus shelter. Perhaps the van driver believed the Star Trak system which states the bus won't be here for another 3 minutes.
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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Crich 16/3/2010 - YourCity

Crich is a Derbyshire village which seems have delusions of grandeur. In heyday of CB radio it was called Tram Town and now it has a city bus service.
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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Hucknall and Nottingham 12/3/2010 - TrentBarton, NCT, NET (tram)

Trent Barton operate two connecting services with the trams at Hucknall.

The Lacemarket is one of the few places where trams and buses share the same street.

Veolia operate a connecting service to Ilkeston from Phoenix Park.
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Friday, 12 March 2010

Long Eaton 11/3/2010 - Gills, Doyles, Notts&Derby

I don't know anthing about Gills who are running a half hourly service number 8 to Sandiacre commercially. I don't think the driver of the second bus was very keen on having her photograph taken. I must return to Long Eaton for a ride on this servce.

I didn't realise that Doyles from Alfreton operated this tendered service.
This Notts&Derby bus had been left with its engine running and the driver was nowhere in sight.
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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Derby 11/3/2010 - TrentBarton

Street loading in Full Street will soon be a thing of the past. National Express (left) and TrentBarton's Sixes and Allestrees will transfer to the new bus station. The Notts&Derby operated Shopper Hopper (rear) is being withdrawn.
The Villagers will also move from Albert St to the bus station.

The Harlequin will continue to turn round in Gower Street.
Dennis Dart's don't usually run on the Spondon Flyer which will also move to the bus station.

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