Friday, 13 May 2011

News items

The Competition Commission has issued its provional report which is riddled meaningless with acroynms like AEC. However Nottingham was used as a case study which may be of interest. 

Tomorrow (Saturday) new Optare Versas are launched on the Spondon Flyer. This info from Trent Barton Live on facebook
'Come fly with us tomorrow at Derby Market Place! See our new spondon flyer buses from 10am, and then in the Bus Station from 12.45 and maiden flights after 1pm. Freebies galore with Mr MANGO and the team :)' 
I think the first enters service at 13:00 (sorry 1:00 pm). I hope to publish some pictures tomorrow.

New door mat for Derby bus station

A couple of weeks ago trent barton rerouted the Allestree service through the city centre. It now travels in a loop and doesn't call at the congested bus station. However not everyone agrees with this decision.
Protest in Allestree?
Call for watchdog.


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